Best Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in California

Affordable Rehab In California

Once your loved one decides to end an addiction to a particular drug, the next step is finding the best rehab in California. Our company offer affordable Drug Addiction Treatment Centers services in California.


Our programs are aimed at ensuring that you or a loved one lives a transformed life free of alcohol or drug addiction. Our goal is to help our clients lead a natural and healthy lifestyle without being dependent on alcohol or drugs.

With our affordable rehabilitation, you can break free from your addiction to:

  • Methamphetamine, cocaine, alcohol and heroin
  • Prescription drugs such as Valium, Xanax, Vicodin and Klonopin
  • Designer drugs such as Spice, Bath Salts and Ecstasy.

We offer continuum care to every client who joins our rehab center or engage in our rehab program. You start the detoxification process by focusing on the physical part of your addiction. After this, you can move on to residential treatment during which our counselors and therapists deal with the mental addition aspect. After this treatment, you can move to transition care, re-entry into the society and sober living.

Comprehensive rehabilitation at the most reasonable fee

We offer comprehensive Drug Addiction Treatment In California at the most reasonable fee. Once you join our rehab program, we offer you the necessary tools that will enable you to break free from your alcohol and drug addiction.

We also welcome your family members to participate in your recovery process. Additionally, we train them on how to help you recover from the addiction free of charge. We also work with probation, parole and courts to offer you the best option for your alternative sentencing.

If necessary, we can appear in the court with you or for you to provide progress letters in case the court asks you to present progress letter or treatment documentation. We charge minimal fees in relation to such appearances in comparison to attorney’s fees. Therefore, if you are looking for an affordable rehab in California especially if you or a loved one is facing legal issues that need court liaison, contact us for assistance at an affordable fee.

Superior quality services

Affordable Drug Addiction Treatment Centers does not mean low-quality Rehabilitation. We understand that lack of adequate financial resources is among the impediments to treatment for drug addiction.


Our goal is to be the best low-cost option for people struggling with addictions. Regardless of your financial status, we believe that you should get the professional assistance that you need to transform your life.

Today, most drugs are distributed in low-income areas in California. This implies that most addicts come from those areas and therefore they may not afford the high cost of treatment in some residential rehabs.


Fortunately, we are a low-cost option that gives you the best rehabilitation at a fee that you will not get anywhere else.Additionally, the cost of your rehabilitation can be lower depending on your insurance cover. Simply contact us today for more information regarding our affordable rehab in California.